Natural Products

Here is a selection of products I have made, just click on an image to see more detail. Everything here is handmade to order and can come in a variety of timbers, all local, native and naturally durable, just let me know if there is something you would like. Prices are a guide as everything is made to order.

  • Garden Table

    Garden Table

    Very solid garden dining table, made from 3.5cm thick solid Sweet Chestnut boards and 10cm square legs. Approx dimensions 180cm l x 95cm w x 75cm h. Would also be good in Larch.

    Guide price £425

  • Benches


    A very sturdy bench with back, 180 cm long,  made from 10cm x 5 cm wood using stainless steel fittings, so it won’t fall apart and will last for years. This one is made from Sweet Chestnut, but would be just as good made from oak or Larch.

    Guide price £350 to £375

  • Bench


    Like the bench with the back, 180 cm long, but without the back! It is made using the same 10cm x 5 cm timber, Sweet Chestnut, and stainless steel fittings, and could last a lifetime.

    Guide price £195 to £225

  • Warre Beehives

    Warre Beehives

    Warre beehive with inspection windows, made using Cedar. The natural oils in the Cedar make it a very durable timber that doesn’t need treatment, but also resists pests very well. Also available in Sweet Chestnut at the same price.

    Guide price £180 to £250

  • Log Store

    Log Store

    Small free standing log store, perfect to place outside the back door. This is made from Larch, with Chestnut cladding and Cedar roof.

    Approx. dimensions 120cm wide x 60cm deep x 90cm high

    Volume approx. 0.65m3

    Guide price £250

  • Chicken Houses

    Chicken Houses

    Chicken house made from Cedar with  Larch frame, so is extremely durable but also very resistant to the typical pests that can infest chicken houses. It gives a good roosting area, a large open run and yet is still compact and easy to move, approx 180 cm long x 120 cm wide x 110 cm high. Good for a small garden yet can fit in 3 to 5 chickens. See another picture here.

    Guide price £350

  • Composts


    Perfect for composting all of your house and garden waste, and any scraps of natural insulation left over from insulating your garden studio! Using untreated timber, Sweet Chestnut, means there is no chance of any chemicals leaching into your compost. Simple slot together design, makes them easy to use and move. I’ve made these is different sizes 75cm x 75cm, 95cm x 95cm and 115cm x 115cm approx. 75cm high.

    Guide price £35 to £50

  • Birdboxes


    I’ve made a whole range of birdboxes that suite most birds from the smallest for wrens and blue tits up to small ostriches. All from durable and untreated timbers so there are no health concerns, yet the box will last for years.

    Guide price £15 - £25

  • New Designs coming soon

    New Designs coming soon


    • Picnic and Garden Tables
    • Pole lathes

Prices are for the items pictured, there is no VAT to pay. Prices will vary with timber specified or any other requirements you may have.

All work is done to order so please be patient, as I need to source timber first from local suppliers (which can take 2 weeks) and then make it for you, this could take up to 28 days in all. I normally ask for a 10% deposit, at the time of ordering and then final payment on delivery or collection.

Delivery or collection? Some items I can deliver for a small charge although you are welcome to collect them yourself, larger pieces like the chicken house will need to be collected.

I mostly use green and fresh sawn timber, cut straight from the log, this initially has a high water content and will dry out quite quickly and then season down to a silver colour in time. The surface is a fine sawn and soft textured finish.

The nature of wood means that there will be imperfections, so please expect knots, maybe some wane (bark) and shakes (cracks) as the timber moves and dries. However if this causes problems within the first year please let me know and I’ll try and sort it out.